Heading into the Faire

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May 10th I was honored to be chosen by you as your commodore. With leadership change always comes global change.
Change is good. Change is the wind that propels our sails forward.

…but we need strong crews running each yard of each ship and tacking the sails correctly to move with that change.

Unfortunately we have been sailing full sail for so long our masts are cracked and worn by our storms. Its time to reef some sail and provide some respite so we can make repairs.

We need to lash hawsers to each others ships and become one united front.

On Saturday June 14th we will be marching to the pub following the cannon at 4 bells in the forenoon watch. We will be disembarking and entering shore leave for the summer. We will set sail again following EOFP.

It has been some rough times but in rough times we must find strength in our core values.

So, I ask each of you during this down time, find a new friend, buy someone outside your circle a drink and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Reconnect with old friends and those that maybe were left behind.

Above all have a wonderful time, and let’s take all the pub has to offer in wine, wench and song together!

See you there.
~Cdre. Stalkie McGroper

Careening is Underway

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Greetings, Mates!!

We are diligently working to restart our Rogue blog here, to help keep you better informed of our activities and our members. While we work to get current, we are proud to bring you a selection of articles written by our very own Tempest Stormbringer for her webblog, Twizted Sails.

Once we get caught up, please visit us often to keep up-to-date on all of our activities, both within the group and out in the community.

As Saint Patrick’s Day approaches, most of us prepare our green clothing, Irish food, and of course drink. Be it a green milkshake for the wee lads and lass, or something with a bit more BITE for the adults.  And if asked what we are celebrating most people will tell you. It’s St. Paddy’s day!  If asked for more information most people would tell you that St. Patrick was famous for driving all the snakes out of Ireland and into the sea. (Though most historians think this may not be real snakes, as much as “metaphorical” evil)  But what you may not know is…

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Today on Tales from the Crow’s Nest it is my pleasure to present to you the story of Daphne Tart N Sweet, First Mate of The Nautilus.

Daphne is a multi talented  member of The Colorado Rogues. First Mate of the Nautilus, she has won over many a sailor with her winning smile, and quick wit. Please enjoy the story of : Daphne Tart N Sweet: First Mate of the Nautilus

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As a Christmas present to all of ye, we have a modified version of the Moore/Livingston poem that has endured for generations.  And though there are many variations of the poem we hope you will like our take on it.

Merry Christmas! Happy Yule! Happy Hanukkah! and Happy Holidays to  all!

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (Colorado Rogue Style)

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the Fleet,
All the ships were in port; On the island they’d meet.
The stockings and mugs hung by the bulkhead with care,
In hopes that St. Nick would bring booty to share.

The treasures were kept safe on the Raging Saint Mae,
Inspiring visions of the Commodore in her fine array.
And I in my cabin, swaying slowly at ease,
Had just started dreaming of a cool island breeze.


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RIP – D.L.I. aka. Adam Burton

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It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to one of our own- Adam Jay Burton, known within our ranks as Dirty Little Irish.

We all knew Adam as a man who was small in stature, but a giant in personality and devotion. He will be dearly missed.

Adam Jay Burton

September 5, 1976 – December 9, 2011
Posted:   12/18/2011 03:01:56 PM MST
Updated:   12/18/2011 03:02:37 PM MST

In loving tribute to our beloved son, brother, teacher and friend Adam Jay Burton, born September 5, 1976, died at University Hospital during heart surgery on December 9, 2011.


Adam was born in Boulder, CO to Roger Burton and Nancy Burton (Hughes). He attended Longmont schools including Burlington Elementary, Sunset Middle, graduating in 1995 from Niwot High School. He attended the University of Northern Colorado and graduated with a degree in Art History in December 2000. After holding a variety of jobs, he returned to graduate school at Adams State College and received his Masters degree in Education in 2006. Thus began his love of teaching, teaching at high schools in the San Luis Valley and returning to Longmont in 2009 to teach at Flagstaff Academy.

One of his many loves was for the theatre and he proudly performed in many plays, including the Longmont Theatre Company. During the summer months, he followed his love of children and teaching to Chateaugay Summer Camp in New York State where he taught drama. Other of his most passionate interests included ardently following the English soccer team “Arsenal”; CU Buffs football; the New York Yankees; and any events in which his Flagstaff Academy students participated. He loved music and attending concerts.

Adam was preceded in death by his paternal Grandfather, Don Burton, and his Uncle, Jerry Hansen.

Adam is survived by his mother, Nancy Hughes and stepfather Lou Hughes of Longmont, and father Roger Burton and stepmother Patricia Creekmore of Steamboat Springs; his sister and best friend, Lindsay Burton, of Lakewood; grandparents Henry and Min Hines of Naples, FL and Lynne Burton of Longmont; Aunt Carol Hansen and cousin Kelsey Hansen of Erie; Uncle Jay Burton and his wife, Harriett of Tucson, AZ; numerous step-aunts and uncles and cousins; and countless friends all over the globe.

Adam had completed his “Five Wishes” before his death and in accordance with his wishes an Irish wake will be held to celebrate his life on Sunday January 8, 2012, at Mike O’Shays, 512 Main St., Longmont from 3 – 6 pm. All are welcome.

A scholarship fund in his name has been established at Flagstaff Academy, 2040 Miller Dr., Longmont. Share condolences at www.ahlbergfuneralchapel.com.

Online Obituary – Longmont Times (retrieved 9/13/2012)

Today on Tales from the Crow’s Nest it is my pleasure to present to you the story of The Other Captain Morgan , Captain of The Crimson Storm.

Known for his kind heart and prowess in fighting Captain Morgan has been a member of The Colorado Rogues for many  a year. Below is the tale of his youth. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


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Today we have the tale of  The Crimson Storm.  When Captain D. Morgan originally  set sail it was aboard the vessel named The Wolfsbane and she sailed for several  years under his command.  In this tale we find out what happened to  that ship and how they came home upon the ship they sail  today.

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The Colorado Rouges are a group of many talented members who have a vast array of talents. From writing, to leather work, to photography, to costume design… etc. In the artist corner, known as The Art Show, we would like to showcase some of those talents and share them with you.  Today we have a poem from Requiem Shadowhawk a member of The Crimson Storm ship. The poem is entitled “The Crimson Storm”.

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Today on Tales from the Crow’s Nest it is my pleasure to present to you the story of our beloved Dread Rogue Lorrance, also known as Captain Ohm of the Nautilus. Just as every ship has it’s story so too do our infamous members. Today we would like to  share one of those stories with you.

In the days before the Nautilus set sail these were a few of the tales, and some of the history of the man known to us as Captain Ohm. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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